The gem series approaches the conflicts between the beauty of gemstones and the cost at which they are mined – both environmental and human. We live in a world in a time, where our own pleasure and the need for luxury and beauty, give precedence over the rights and needs of others.

In a political climate of arrogance, ignorance and greed at the cost of virtually anyone, but the richest and most powerful, the role of art has once again gained drastic importance. Artists must be unwavering and give society a mirror to reflect it’s obscure obsession with possession, power and misguided patriotism.

With this series I hope to provoke the idea that sheer beauty has no value. Beauty is not merely something you can buy, it has a cost that is not monetary and that even the richest can’t pay. This series calls upon it’s viewer NOT to buy gemstones, when they are mined at the cost of the environment and the laborers and local residents. Proposing instead to make an intelligent and informed choice and to encourage consumers and industry alike to find more suitable methods of mining.